Reversible Thermochromic

Thermochromic compound color change as function of increasing temperatures



The ability to reversibly change color at a predetermined temperature threshold is very useful as a temperature sensor.

Such sensors can give visible warning of overheating, to indicate an irregularity.

The company has developed new non-toxic Thermochromic dyes that can be incorporated into a variety of commercial polymers. The threshold temperature is controllable.

Compounds or master-batches made with these dyes form the base to a wide variety of applications manufacture by injection, extrusion or coating.

Other advantages include color diversity and cost effectiveness.

The first commercial application of this Technology will be in electrical appliances, such as sockets, plugs, etc. The color change gives the user a visible warning of imminent electrical failure by changing color, and allows timely preventive action to be taken.

Other applications include:
1.    Machinery safety products, such as air ventilation openings and car parts.
2.    Chemical safety products, such as containers for toxic waste.
3.    Home safety products, such as baby bottles and pot handles.