Reversible Photochromic

Photochromic compound color change as function of increasing UV levels


The ability to reversibly change color and transparency as a function of the sun’s intensity is very useful in controlling the harmful effects of sunlight.

The company has developed new non-toxic Photochromic dyes that can be incorporated into a variety of commercial polymers and paints. The rates of of color change and reversion, fading and the number of change/reversion are controllable.

Compounds or master-batches made with these dyes form the base to a wide variety of applications manufacture by injection, extrusion or coating.

Other advantages include color diversity and cost effectiveness.

The first commercial application in this technology is a compound for Photochromic lenses, manufactured by injection instead the conventional method of polymerization.

This enables the use of conventional polymers and production methods of the lenses, thus drastically reducing their manufacturing cost.

Other applications are in the shadowing area, and include coating film for house and car windows, blinds, sun visors and packages of sun sensitive products.

Lastly, the technology creates an opportunity for innovative toys and games that change color on exposure to sunlight.