Irreversible Thermochromic

Illustrated color changes due to temperature-time accumulation of TTI


The property of irreversible color change in response to temperature exposure over time, enables the development of a temperature-time indicator (TTI).

The company has developed new non-toxic Thermochromic organic dyes, which can be incorporated into a variety of commercial ink and paints.

The TTI can be manufactured by conventional methods of coating or printing. The sensitivity of the TTI is controllable. (For more information see FAQ).

Other advantages include flexible calibration, color diversity, cost effectiveness, storage at room temperature, and simple activation.

The TTI warns the user by color change when a product has been exposed to a temperature/time profile that exceeds the permissible one and is likely to be damaged.

The TTI can be used to monitor the storage and transportation condition of temperature sensitive products, such as chilled and frozen foods, drugs, temperature sensitive chemicals or biological materials, etc.

Other applications include monitor processes that demand high temperature exposure such as sterilization and cooking.