Company profile

Skyrad was founded in the Technion Technology Incubator in 1997, and currently is based at the Nesherim Science Park near the Technion (Israel’s leading technological institute).

The Company specializes in developing innovative solutions for safety and measurement challenges. Our technologies are base on unique dyes that when incorporated in proper matrix, change color when pre-specified physical conditions change.

The company is currently focusing on two core technologies:

  • Photochromic: change of color in response to ultraviolet radiation (“UV”).
  • Thermochromic: change of color in response to temperature changes

Each technology is divided into two subcategories: reversible and irreversible.
Our technologies are based on non-toxic dye that can be incorporated into a wide variety of commercial matrixes.
They allow products to be manufactured in conventional ways, such as injection, extrusion, coating and printing.
These characteristics enable a economical mass production of a wide range of products.

The company has five patents granted and several patents pending.